7 types of swimming pool cover that will give the best protection

swimming pool cover

The swimming pool industry is full of modernism and tech-originated equipment. People need the right equipment and accessories and due to the highly advanced swimming industry, they get that at right time. A swimming pool cover is a requirement of pool owners for many reasons. It can be for protection, for winterizing, and maybe for maintaining temperature during winter. Different types of pool cover provide a different level of protection. You can choose them according to their characteristics and your demand.

Mesh type pool covers:

Mesh-type pool covers, which are best known as mesh safety covers, provide pool protection from dirt, leaves, and insects. However, all snow and rainwater permeate through them. This addition to pool water affects the chemical make-up of the water. The small particles present in the near-pool environment can also enter through it, along with the ultra-violet rays of the sun.

These elements when combine in water, cause algae to grow. When you will uncover the pool, you might have to arrange the treatment of water. Besides all this, a mesh-type pool cover doesn’t need to be pumped as water doesn’t gather on the top. Debris gathered on the cover doesn’t need any intense labor for removal. Installation of mesh-type pool covers is also easy as they are quite light weighted. The biggest advantage is that it doesn’t take extra attention for maintenance during winter.

Mesh type pool covers

Solid pool cover:

A solid pool cover is another common type of swimming pool cover. It completely protects your swimming pool from UV rays, debris, and sediment. It helps to maintain the pool water chemistry during the off-season. You don’t need to worry about algae growth during winter. Since the UV is blocked, the chlorine level doesn’t drop.

With all these benefits, this pool cover requires some labor from your side for maintenance and care during winter. Water gathers on top, and you will need a pump to drain it. If you delay it, it can be dangerous. Also, it costs more than some other types of pool and installation requires more big hassle due to difficult procedure and heavy structure. It is available in different colors and shapes. If you cannot get help from family or friends, acquire the services from pool professionals.

Hybrid cover:

Hybrid pool covers own the advantages of both solid and mesh type safety covers. It can block debris, UV rays, and fine particles of dirt. These properties of hybrid pool cover protect algae. This cover holds the amazing property that it is lightweight and easy to handle.

It is a sort of improvement in mesh-type pool covers. It is made up by joining vinyl patches with the sections of mesh. It is available in eye-catching shades of blue, green, and gray. It is the best choice for pool safety due to superior protection from all outside dangers.

Hybrid cover

Automatic cover:


Automatic pool covers are easiest to operate as they move at the push or pull of the button. Not only their usage is easy, but they are best for pool protection too. They can bear the weight (to a limit) and work as a protection for children too, who can accidentally fell into the pool. All automatic covers are custom-made and therefore operate perfectly.

There is a vast variety of automatic pool colors. Different fabrics and colors are available.  Not only does the look of an automatic pool cover matter but the operating mechanism is of great impact.  Stainless steel driving system is best for any shape of the swimming pool.

With the ease of usage, automatic pool covers hold other benefits too. They reduce water evaporation, water heating cost, electricity consumption, and chemical usage.

Automatic cover

Winter pool covers:

Winter pool covers protect the swimming pool during winter. They serve for both in-ground and above-ground pools.

They provide different levels of protection as the quality of the material. Some winter pool covers prevent debris while allowing water and snow. Some high-quality pool covers need a bit more maintenance during the off-season, but provide extra protection from UV rays, dirt and don’t allow rainwater to alter the chemical balance of pool water.

Usually, they are easy to install and remove. They are essential for the swimming pools situated in cold climate regions. But they do not serve for more than five years.

Another disadvantage is that they don’t provide support to prevent any accidental falls. The light-weighted fabric bends when weight is on it.


 Solar pool cover:

When you decide to select a solar swimming pool cover, a lot of expenses are going to be cut down from your swimming budget. It prevents heat loss due to evaporation; reducing your pool heating expenses by 70%. As it reduces evaporation, water loss also reduces, and chemical consumption too.

A solar cover, or a solar blanket, is a huge piece of plastic that resembles a bubble wrap and is placed on top of your pool. When purchasing a solar cover, you have a variety of colors, thicknesses, and sizes to choose from. You can shape them according to the dimensions of your pool.

Solar pool cover

Safety pool cover:

Safety pool covers are for safety purposes. They don’t allow the debris, water, and insects to enter the pool. They are hard and firm enough to bear the weight of children and protect them from dropping into the pool.

Safety pool covers need care from your side because water can gather over them and ruin their structure and functionality. You need to remove water from them after rain. As far the pool water safety concerns, it will protect water from evaporation and don’t let the rainwater change the chemical composition.

This type of pool cover is not for winterizing purposes. Their installation and removal is not quite an easy job. The opening in spring will take too long if you use a safety cover instead of a winter cover.

Safety covers are durable and can protect the pool during any time of the year when you leave your home during vacations.

Safety pool cover

Benefits of using a swimming pool cover:

Swimming pool covers work for pool safety and protection. You can rely on them when you are away for vacations and picnic trips. There are many proven benefits of using swimming pool covers.

  • Reduction of pool expenses, like electricity, chemicals, and heating.
  • Conservation of water
  • Reduction of cleaning expense
  • Prevention of accidental fall of children and pets
  • Saving of time spent on cleaning
  • Maintenance of chemical balance

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