A Buyer Guide for suction pool cleaners (Type of Pool cleaners)

suction pool cleaners

Suction pool cleaners are the priority of many homes and public place owners. Swimming pools are the most popular source of recreation and physically strengthening activities. If you are an owner of a swimming pool, then you will always try to take the best care of your pool. One thing that you will first consider is the cleanliness of pool water, walls, and everything connected with it.

There are two ways of pool cleaning, either you will take the help of a pool care service or try to keep it clean yourself. If you select the second option, then again there will be two branches of possibility tree, pool cleaning by manual pool cleaner or by automatic pool cleaner. Many things can lead you to the selection of an automatic pool cleaner. Especially if you are a busy working person, an automatic pool cleaner is the wisest choice. Automatic pool cleaners include three types; suction pool cleaner is one of them. Others are pressure-side pool cleaners and robotic pool cleaners.

Before buying a pool cleaner for your pool, you should know well about the type of the pool, its size, how frequent you are at using it, and also, the working and features of different pool vacuum cleaners. The suction pool cleaner is a type of automatic pool cleaner that holds many conveniences for you. Its working is simple and you don’t need an extra hassle for starting cleaning by it.

How does a suction pool cleaner work?

A suction pool cleaner works using the existing setup of your swimming pool. First, the pump system draws water from all sides of the pool and directs it to the filter. In the next step, the filter whips it back through different pipes, these pipes are in a specific part of the pool system. Water is kept clean and fresh through this circulation. In the third step, the pump present in the system creates suctions, empowering the vacuum to move around the pool and clean up the base. The suction pool cleaner can fit into the existing filtration and pumping system of the pool and works effectively against debris accumulations.

function of suction pool cleaner

Things you should know before buying a suction pool cleaner:

You should be well aware of the situations when a suction pool cleaner is good for your pool. There are many considerations, like the type of the pool, the debris that accumulates in the pool, etc.

The suction pool cleaner is a real timesaver if you are a busy professional and cannot handle the frequently occurring pool issues. Also if your pool is near trees and plants, a suction pool cleaner will be a good assistant, as it is efficient at gathering leaves, and clears up the bottom and surface of pool water.  Once you get the clarity on the selection of suction pool cleaners, there is much more to ponder over. Different companies present the versions of suction pool cleaners, that are provided with the latest features. You can set your priorities with the properties of your swimming pool.

suction pool cleaners

The surface of the pool:

Many suction pool cleaners are not manufactured to clean all types of pool surfaces. When you select a suction pool cleaner, make sure that it is appropriate for your pool surface.

The pool size:

The size of the pool is considered before buying any type of pool cleaner. The suction pool cleaner is the right choice for medium and large-sized pools. Suction pools with long hoses reach the farthest parts of the pool easily.

The hose:

Suction pool cleaners include hoses and their quality diverges in different types. The mark of the best quality suction pool are the high standard durable hoses, without any chance of leakage, tearing, and are reliable. To know the working of the hose, check the quality of the hoses. Also, the hoses should be long enough to reach the deepest parts of the pool.

Suction Power:

If you buy a suction pool cleaner and it is unable to handle the debris gatherings in your pool, then you have unfortunately wasted your money. Make sure that the pool cleaner you are purchasing can powerfully help you get rid of all debris in your pool. Some pool cleaners collect the smallest contaminations in water and some others are good at gathering only the large debris. The most efficient suction cleaners have powerful motors; it is better to look at the power of the motor before finalizing your selection.


To get rid of the algae and dirt accumulated on pool walls, you need good-quality brushes. Pool cleaners that have the brushes with them cost more, but remove your pains and provide you the crystal clear water. Another advantage of pool cleaner with brushes is that you don’t need any chemicals for cleaning the walls.

Modern features:

The latest available suction pool cleaners come equipped with the latest features. Some products from top-quality brands have a built-in navigation system that guides the cleaning unit throughout the pool. Some pool cleaners have a programmable timer, that helps you to set suitable intervals for cleaning. Modern features make the product more compatible with the desired purpose.


When it comes to the selection of a suction pool cleaner for your swimming pool, it is better not to compromise on the quality. Some brands assure the durability of their product. It is better to spend money on a little more expensive brand than to suffer from the drawbacks of low-quality machinery.


All well-known manufacturers provide a warranty on the product. Purchasing a suction pool cleaner requires a notable amount of money. It is better to get confident about the warranty of the product to get the most value of the money spent.


All decent-class pool cleaners operate with an easy installation procedure. You just have to connect the hoses to the pump. The cleaner starts working within 10 minutes. Only those cleaners come with a complex installation system that has more moving parts. If you are easy with a quick installation, then prefer those products which have fewer accessories.

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