Effective Ways of Vacuuming Your Swimming Pool

A swimming pool at your place can enhance the beauty of your sweet home. It is necessary to take care of your swimming pool regularly. Do you know why a pool should be vacuumed? Why it is important to have a clean pool? Sometimes, dirt and debris in the water of the swimming pool can […]

Effective Ways of Dealing with Cloudy Swimming Pool Water


When you are unable to see the bottom of your swimming pool, it means your pool water is not clean and clear and it needs some treatment to make it crystal clear. Sometimes, cloud formation in the pool water makes it difficult to see the bottom of the pool. There can be different reasons behind […]

Effective Ways of Clean Green Pool (A Detailed Guide)

Cleaning Your Green Pool

Having a swimming pool at your place plays a significant role in boosting your home value, reducing anxiety, cooling off in hot summers, and providing privacy and convenience while swimming. Therefore, it is very necessary to take care of your pool regularly. Sometimes, the pool can get enormous algae growth in it and this algae […]

Adding calcium chloride to swimming pool: how to add it and its essentials

Adding calcium chloride to swimming pool

Calcium is a sign of hardness and stability. The water in the swimming pool needs stability to stay nonviolent under any circumstances. Without the hardness of calcium, water tears away the materials in its way to balance its mineral content. Usually, this happens when the temperature of a place drops in winter. The cold and […]

Chlorine in the swimming pool water: All you need to know


Whenever we think of a swimming pool, the quickest view that hits the mind’s eye is the crystal clear water meeting with sunshine. How does this shine come? Pool care is an enjoyable activity if you know it well. Pool water clarity and quality run side by side if you are good at keeping pool […]

Backwashing a pool: Know it well!


The swimming pool comes with lots of pleasure-giving aspects and some hassles. You can minimize all the irritating inconveniences by getting a complete understanding of pool care and maintenance. Backwashing a pool is one of the many pool-care methods that are necessary for healthy swimming. What is Backwashing a pool? Backwashing is not a complex […]

Common problems of swimming pool and their solution

Common problems of swimming pool

Swimming is an exciting experience for swimmers. People do swimming for fitness and recreation. Staying fit and healthy is a lifetime goal for the people who take care of their health. Swimmers like to swim in crystal clear water and want to make it enjoyable to its fullest. Common problems of swimming pools need the […]