Common problems of swimming pool and their solution

Common problems of swimming pool

Swimming is an exciting experience for swimmers. People do swimming for fitness and recreation. Staying fit and healthy is a lifetime goal for the people who take care of their health. Swimmers like to swim in crystal clear water and want to make it enjoyable to its fullest. Common problems of swimming pools need the quick attention of pool owners for the highest enjoyable swimming practice.

1. Dirty Water:

First and foremost, the priority of a swimmer is clean water. The clarity of the water is perfect when you can see the base of the pool from its surface. You can prevent the occurrence of this view by increasing the pH level of your pool. A bit of hassle is required from the user side to maintain the pH of the pool water. Use a test kit and check the pH level once a week, the ideal pH level lies between 7.4 and 7.6. Use a pH increaser, the most used is the sodium carbonate, 6 oz of which raises the pH level of a swimming pool by 10,000-gallon, approximately, by 0.2.

2. Algae built up

The swimming pool water turns green due to the growth of algae. Algae built up are common problems of the swimming pool.   When you notice this color change in swimming pool water, beware that it is no more swimmable now. Once this green substance appears in the water, you need to take immediate steps to get rid of this green substance. You can get rid of it by increasing the level of chlorine in the water. You can do it yourself or by taking the services of the pool maintenance companies.

Some household items like baking soda or borax help in the removal of algae. It is better to brush the walls of the pool regularly, regular cleaning by a pool vacuum cleaner also prevents the growth of algae.

Higher amount of chlorine:

While chlorine prevents algae growth, the extraordinary level of this chemical is also a risk. It can hurt the swimmer in many ways, usually, it causes eye irritation. Always be aware of the amount of chlorine that is necessary and sufficient for your pool water.


3. Stain in bottom

Sometimes, you notice the presence of a stain in the pool bottom even after cleaning it. Stains appear due to the amount of extra amount of metal in water, or there can be a crack in the base that is causing a stained view by rusting. You can rub the stain with a suitable chemical or you can take advice from a pool cleaning expert.

4. Blocked filter (Common problems of swimming pool)

The filter is an essential part of modern swimming. The working of a pool depends on a well-functioning filter. Due to constant usage, debris accumulates in the filter and it blocks. To avoid this annoying situation, deeply clean your filter as many times as your pool gets murky.

5. Scaling:

Scaling in swimming pools is the consequence of the presence of two substances, calcium carbonate, and calcium silicate. Calcium carbonate creates white scales in the pool and calcium silicate causes grey-white scales.

As far calcium carbonate is concerned, it is easy to remove. Use a calcium releaser is the best way to remove calcium carbonate. Use an acid-free calcium releaser and it will never damage the surface of the base or tiles of walls. Moreover, try to keep the calcium carbonate level less than 400 ppm and above 200 ppm.

Calcium silicate can be removed with a pumice stone or by scrubbing. A professional calcium remover is also a good option.

6. Poor Circulation:

There are many reasons for the poor circulation of water in the swimming pool. Circulation depends on many factors and there are different solutions to poor circulation issue, main reasons for poor water circulation are

  1. The time you run the pump: The pump should work the whole day (24 hours) for best circulation
  2. Size of the pump: Your pump size should always according to the amount of water to be moved
  • The shape of the swimming pool: The shape of the pool is usually according to the space available, but the ideal shape of circulation is the figure-eight shape, if you are going to construct the pool, prefer to have this shape
  1. Presence of skimmer: Skimmer is essential for proper circulation, also, it should be in peak performing position.
  2. The amount of time of swimming: Circulation increases with the frequency of swimming, this one is the easiest and enjoyable way to preserve water quality!

Water circulation problem is the Common problems of swimming pool.  You can improve it by installing return jets.  Sometimes you have to increase the circulation manually with a brush.

7. Low level of pool water:

A low level of water harms the pumping system of the pool. If the water level is not at the appropriate point, the pump starts to work on the air, and not the water. Water is naturally lost due to evaporation, and this happens repeatedly, try to not let water too low and use your hose to raise the water level in the pool.

Sometimes, lowering of water level is due to leakage of pipes. Check thoroughly the pipes and all pool equipment, if it is all inaccurate order for working, then examine the liner. Deeply check for holes, cracks, and torn offsides. You can use duct tape, or maybe you have to replace the liner. A liner older than ten years is most likely to be replaced.

8. Winterizing(Common problems of swimming pool):

If you are living in a region of extremely cold climates, you need to make your water swimmable and healthy for the season. You need to have a pool cover, wisely choose a durable cover for your pool. Drain most of the water from the pool and perfectly clean all the remaining water from the pool.

So these are some Common problems of swimming pool and their solutions. Hope you find this article helpful.


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