The most appropriate swimming pool dimensions and layout

dimensions of the swimming pool

When you install a swimming pool in your home for your family, there is a lot of stuff to ponder about. The most points you take into consideration, the maximum satisfaction you get from your pool. The first thing you experience when you dive into the pool is its depth and the space available to swim. So, it is better to have appropriate dimensions of the swimming pool for your convenience and all family members’ requirements.

The size and shape of a pool is not a matter of random selection, even you are lucky enough to able to spend a huge amount on construction. It is better to consume all means of money and energy wisely only once, not repeatedly.

Here, we have set some considerable points to keep in mind while selecting the size and layout of the swimming pool.

  • What is the size of your family?
  • What are the ages of pool users?
  • How often you and your family members are likely to use the pool?
  • What is your purpose in installing the pool?

While answering these questions, you need to be realistic!!!

What is the size of your family? (Dimensions of the swimming pool)

It is not enough to have an extra-large-sized pool in your backyard and keeping yourself thinking that it is all enough. Appropriate size and dimension never mean as large as possible. If you have a mid-sized family of 6 to 8 members, the best dimensions of the swimming pool are 18 ft by 36 ft. This is enough space for enjoying without massing. For a family smaller than six, a 16-by-32 pool is enough.

Remember that, in some cases, your family size can increase in the future. So instead of emphasizing enough, consider the dimensions that will be enough shortly. Also, a rectangular or nearly rectangular shape (a bean shape) is the better option for this range of sizes.

What are the ages of pool users?

This is a big question that hits upon the mind when you want to have a swimming pool for your family. Kids are fond of swimming and ready to swim in any swimming environment. It is not the dimensions of length and width that make a pool fit for kids swimming, but it is the depth that matters. If kids are frequent users of your pool, be careful and keep the depth below 6 feet.

How often you and your family members are likely to use the pool?

This question seems to relate to other swimming pool issues, but the frequency of use is a strong component that influences the selection of dimensions. If your pool is used frequently, it will require more maintenance. There will be more debris in the water, and it will take more time to clean. Choose a size that is appropriate for your family and does not take long to get cleaned. This is according to your time availability and there is no fixed rule for it. You have to manage all this wisely.

What is your purpose in installing the pool?

Swimming pools are installed for different purposes. Generally, some standard sizes are selected, which are

  • 16-by-32
  • 18-by-36
  • 14-by-25

Any selection from these is possibly the best dimensions of the swimming pool. The design of a swimming pool always depends on your availability of space and your choice, but a wise selection can take into consideration many other points. Most of us always imagine a rectangular-shaped large pool in which the whole family can do swimming. But when the time for installation comes, we are surprised to see a variety of shapes. Even in rectangular-shaped pools, there are varieties. It can be rounded rectangular, oval, or bean shape.

Let us give an overview of all the suitable designs and shapes of swimming pools.

The Roman Swimming Pool:

Think of the beauty that is added to your home by the addition of this pool. This model is perfect for your home and has a variety in layout. You feel free and fresh as it gives a spacious view from all sides.


The L-shaped Pool:

This shape is referred to as the lazy L-pool, due to the feelings attached to it. It is believed that when you get into it for swimming, you will not want to come out for hours. It provides free space for all family members.

l-shaped-pool (dimensions of the swimming pool)

The Grecian Pool: (dimensions of the swimming pool)

These shapes come in large sizes and are also generate a good view. This is also useful for the family. This shape is composed of one or two geometrical shapes. It requires a more efficient mechanism for cleaning but enhances the beauty of your home.

This is a popular shape that is not only an eye-catching one, but it is supportive of good water circulation. This will prevent the quick accumulation of debris and the growth of algae. You can make the view of the pool more attractive by setting the environment according to the shape, e.g bring some furniture with curved edges and keep it near the pool. Like all other shapes, the figure 8 pools slightly differ from each other and come in a vast variety. Venetian pool, Naxos Imperial pool, and Cocoa Beaches produce a great impact on your home and lifestyle.


The Circular Pool:(dimensions of the swimming pool)

This perfectly simple shape is a favorite of kids. You can develop the habit of swimming as a healthy activity by installing the pool of their favorite shape. You can install it in a smaller space as compared to other shapes. Also, water circulation and filtration are performed with efficiency in this kind of pool.

circular-pool ( dimensions of the swimming pool )

The Geometric Shape vs Free forms:

The idea of constructing pools in the shape of geometric figures comes from old civilizations. Although all the mentioned shapes are shapes of geometry.  from a geometric shaped pool, we usually mean a pool that is designed by one or a combination of the different shapes of geometry. This will be a good use of your space if you prefer to build a geometric pool.


Free-form swimming pools are naturally shaped. They did not get public acceptance in the first but soon made their way. People who feel comfortable in the arms of nature are lovers of this shape. These pools are often large-sized. The two types are equally good at serving the basic purpose of a swimming pool, but for homes, the best dimensions of the swimming pool come in geometric shapes. It is better to consume the space wisely by opting for the right type.


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