How to Maintain Your Saltwater Swimming Pool? The Detail Guide

Why Saltwater Swimming Pool is necessary to maintain? How is saltwater beneficial for us? Are looking for the answers to these queries? If yes, this blog is for you to read. Saltwater in your pool is helpful in softening your skin and eyes. A pool with salt water is easier to maintain as compared to a chlorine water pool. It also does not have an irritating effect on the lungs. Moreover, it has a relaxing ability on your body. It is also safer than a chlorine water pool. There are different benefits of having a saltwater pool at your place. Therefore, it is necessary to have and maintain a saltwater pool. This blog will provide you with some tips and tricks to maintain your saltwater pool.

Remember that a saltwater pool is easy to maintain as compared to a traditional pool. However, it does not mean to clean your saltwater pool once a year or after a long time. It also needs daily, weekly, and monthly plans to clean it and maintain it. Let’s discuss these daily, weekly, and monthly tasks or plans one by one.

Daily plans of maintaining your Saltwater Swimming Pool

  • To save your time and money, it is necessary to clean your pool daily.
  • Filter it on daily basis.
  • Do not forget to empty the basket of your saltwater pool.
  • If there is any debris, skim them regularly.
  • Clean your skimmer daily to keep it working properly.

Weekly plans of maintaining your Saltwater Swimming Pool

  • It is necessary to test the PH of saltwater in your pool at least once a week. The right level of the PH of the saltwater pool is 7.2-7.6. Therefore, it is important to maintain this level of PH in your saltwater pool.
  • If the PH level is lower than 7.2, use baking soda or sodium bicarbonate that is alkaline in nature, to increase the level of PH.
  • On the other hand, use sodium carbonate to decrease the level of PH if it is greater than the required level in your saltwater pool.
  • Weekly check the level of free chlorine in your saltwater pool. Usually free chlorine level is from 1 to 3 ppm. So, it is necessary to adjust and fix your generator if the chlorine level is not at the right level in your saltwater pool.

Monthly plans of maintaining your Saltwater Swimming Pool

Monthly tasks for the maintenance of your saltwater pool can take more time as your pool may need thorough cleanliness. Monthly plans for maintaining your saltwater pool can be divided into four steps. These steps are discussed below:

  1. Checking of Salinity

A normal range of salinity to be found in a saltwater pool is between 2700-4500ppm. However, it depends upon the varying properties of salt cell generators. You should check the level of salinity in your saltwater pool at least once a month. If there is a low level of salt as compared to the required quantity, add salt to make it up to the standard level. On the other hand, if there is already too much salt in your pool water, you need to make it dilute by adding water. Keep remembering that the required salt level depends upon the uniqueness of the salt cell generator. To check the right level of salt in your pool, see the manufacturer guide of your pool because any negligence in this regard can destroy your unit.


    2. Checking of Alkalinity

The right level of alkalinity helps in stabilizing the PH level of your saltwater pool. The appropriate level of alkalinity of your pool water is 80 to 120ppm. You must check the alkalinity of your pool water monthly. If its level is lower than 80ppm, you should add sodium bisulfate or muriatic acid to increase the level of alkalinity. Lower level alkalinity can cause damage to your pool with corrosion. On contrary, the addition of sodium bicarbonate is helpful in decreasing the alkalinity if it is exceeding the right level that is 120ppm. If there is too much alkalinity in your pool water, it can give a cloudy appearance to your pool water. This process can take three to four days as it works slow and steadily.

   3. Testing of Cyanuric Acid

Cyanuric acid is a chemical compound that plays a significant role in protecting chlorine from ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. This compound forms weak linkages with free chlorine and saves it from loss through UV rays. If there is no stabilizer like Cyanuric acid, your pool water can lose 90% of its chlorine on a bright shiny sunny day. Saltwater in your pool needs the right level of cyanuric acid and it is between 70 to 80ppm. You can add more products (cyanuric acid) to increase its level if it is lower than the required amount in your pool. However, if the level of cyanuric acid is higher than the required amount, you need to be very smart and vigilant to make it dilute. To make your saltwater dilute, add fresh water after draining out some concentrated water from your pool.

   4. Testing of calcium hardness

The right level of calcium hardness is from 200 to 400ppm in the saltwater pool. If the level of calcium hardness is greater than the required level, it can cause scaling in your saltwater pool. However, if it is lower than the requirement, it is responsible for corrosion. To decrease the higher level of calcium hardness, you need to add some freshwater to make your saltwater dilute. You can also use flocculent to lower the level of calcium hardness.


Quarterly plans of maintaining your saltwater pool

Some specific tasks regarding the maintenance of your saltwater pool can be done after every three months. You can inspect the salt cell generator of your pool. If you observe any damage or problem, fix it first. If no repairing is required, just open it to clean and adjust it again.

It is important to plan daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks for the maintenance of your Saltwater Swimming Pool. We hope the above-mentioned ideas will work for you.

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