Standard Swimming Pool Layouts and Designs


There might be a lot of reasons for a house owner or a public place organizer to have a swimming pool. For all swimming pool keepers, there are many points to think over regarding the size, shape, design, and type of the pool. All these factors rest on some other facts, like users and frequency of use, the expenditure dedicated for it, and in the end availability of space. If someone has a plan to start the construction of the swimming pool, he should be aware of some standard swimming pool layouts.

Let us have a look at some swimming pool designs and typical plans for construction.

Circular Pool: (standard swimming pool layouts)

circular pool I Standard Swimming Pool Layouts

A Circular swimming pool is best for children and also, comfortable for adults. It is more enjoyable since its shape is supportive of circulation and filtration. According to your space, you can select a size from standard swimming pool layouts as given (Measurement of diameter):

  • 3.7 meter
  • 4.6 meter
  • 5.5 meter
  • 6.4 meter
  • 7.3 meter
  • 8.2 meter
  • 9.1 meter

Rectangular pool:


This is a traditional shape that is the customary shape for swimming pools. For swimmers, it creates a sense of wide space for playing, exercising, and enjoying. Some standard dimensions for rectangular pools are given as:

  • 3.7meter by 7.3 meter
  • 4.3 meter by 8.5 meter
  • 4.9 meter by 9.8 meter
  • 5.5 meter by 11 meter
  • 6.1 meter by 12.2 meter
  • 6.7 meter by 13.4 meter

Lagoon Swimming Pool:


The Lagoon swimming pools are a symbol of extreme joy and modernity in swimming pool layouts. Curved edges and rounded corners smartly add to the beauty of your spare space. It can adapt to any free shape without losing harmony. Standard dimensions for lagoon swimming pools are as below:

  • 4.6meter by 10.4 meter
  • 55meter by 11.7 meter
  • 6.4 meter by 13.6 meter

Grecian Swimming Pool:


This one comes in the list of those which have limitless potential to bring your dreamed-of swimming experience into reality. Its basic shape is rectangular, but it contains eight sides that are pair-wise equal. It is perfect for modern homes. The dimensions of the Grecian pool come in the sizes as under:

  • 4.3 meter by 8.5 meter
  • 5.6 meter by 11.1 meter
  • 6.9 meter by 13.3 meter

Crescent Cove Swimming Pool:


Although this type of pool is not in conformity with its name, it is something attractive and fit for your backyard. If you have a bit large space available backside your home, this pool will be the best use of it. The available sizes for this pool are:

  • 4.9 meter by 10.7 meter
  • 4.9 meter by 12.2 meter

The swimming pool shape is also supportive of good water circulation. You can use synthetic wood to decorate the poolside area. The available sizes are limited, but the beauty that it adds to your home and the joy it gives to you is something that you should remember while choosing the swimming pool type.

Flat Kidney Swimming Pool: (standard swimming pool layouts)


This shape is simple and sophisticated at a time. You do not lose modernity while opting the simplicity. Wide opening from one side and all curved edges are favorite of swimmers. The available dimensions are:

  • 4.6 meter by 7.9 meter
  • 5.5 meter by 10.7meter
  • 6.4 meter by 12.2 meter

Lazy L-shaped Swimming Pool:


The lazy L-shaped pool has many things that attract the attention of people. It is constructed with rounded corners, free angles, and little curved lines. This type of pool has got the attention of manufacturers so there are sizes available from small to extra-large.

  • 4.3, 9.6, 5.1
  • 4.9,10.9,5.8
  • 5.5,12,6.6
  • 6.1,13,7.3

Bean Shaped Swimming Pool: (standard swimming pool layouts)


This shape of the pool is modern but looks to have some connections with history. The duality of appearance makes it completely sophisticated. This well-designed pool has curved edges and tilted angles of sides. The standard dimensions of this pool are:

  • 4.6 meter by 7.9 meter
  • 5.5 meter by 9.4meter
  • 6.4meter by 11 meter

T-shaped Swimming Pool:


When swimming pools take the shapes of the alphabet, they appear beautiful and bring a deep feeling of comfort for the user. To get more space to put your pool steps in this T-shaped swimming pool. You can use it in two parts for different purposes. You can separate into the deeper and shallower part, or you can make your backyard a well-designed part of your house by setting a swimming pool relevant equipment with a narrower side of the swimming pool. The layouts that you can choose are:

  • 4.6 meter by 9.1 meters by 9.1 meter
  • 5.5 meter by 9.8 meters by 11.9 meter
  • 6.4 meter by 11 meters by 12.8 meter

Roman Swimming Pool: (standard swimming pool layouts)

roman pool

With beautifully rounded edges and two small semi-circles on the opposite side, the Roman swimming pool maximizes the whole look of the area. You can put the stairs on any of the circular sides. Its shape is a combination of straight and curved sides. With the mysterious look of ancient roman constructions, it is supportive for enjoyable swimming. The dimensions can be chosen from any of these sizes:

  • 5 meter by 9.8 meter
  • 6 meter by 12.2 meter

Figure 8 Swimming Pool:


There is nothing more suitable for healthy swimming than a figure 8 swimming pool. This one possesses the highest capability to support circulation, filtration, and fast removal of any kind of debris. The options you can have for dimensions are:

  • 4.6 meter by 8.5meter
  • 5.5 meter by 10.4meter
  • 6.4 meter by 11.6 meter

All the above-described standard swimming pool layouts are for the most attractive and comfortable swimming pool shapes. Anyone from them is perfect for your backyard. Select from the given sizes, according to the free space available.

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