Swimming pools: Then and Now


The swimming pools seem to show their appearance in early civilizations. The oldest known swimming pool is found in the remains of Mohenjodaro (Pakistan), which is nearly 5000 years old. This bathing site is made up of bricks, covered with plaster. This pool is believed to be a bathing place used for religious ceremonies.


The floor is water-tight with finely fitted bricks. There is a large hole in the pool base, which is most probably a part of the water drainage system.

Besides this ritual bath pool, the first swimming pool appears in history about 2500 B.C, depicted by cave paintings in Egypt.

The history of public bathing begins in the sixth century B.C, in Greece. Initially, cold baths and then hot-air baths show their appearance by Laconicans. The Laconian heated their baths by burning coals.  Sometimes, they heated up the rocks in another place and then brought them near the bath to get it heated. Greek baths were constructed in many cities of early civilization, including Syracuse, Messene, Delos, and Athens.

As far as the cleanliness of these baths and purity of water is concerned, the only cleaning method was a renewal of water manually, performed by slaves. People at that time were unaware of the growth of germs in stagnant water. So, one of the causes of the spread of several diseases was the water of pools.

Pool Cleaning in Rome:

Romans were a great civilization of the past. Without any set of advanced scientific, knowledge, they took care of cleanliness using all known ways. They were aware of the fact that stagnant water causes diseases. To keep the water moving they built ducts with the pool. Also, they changed the pool water manually because this was the only way for them to maintain the cleanliness of their pools. Romans were great builders, they built a “religious spa” in Britain which served for ritual bathing, recreational swimming, and was supposed to be a source for healing.

As we have gathered the knowledge from history, pool cleaning sense is subject to rising according to a sense of cleanliness.

The race of pool cleaning instruments accelerates with the first indoor swimming pool, constructed in England, for recreational purposes.

Pool Cleaning: (In Modern Time)

Now a day, swimming pools are not only in public places but there is an increased number of private swimming pools. Only, the USA has 300,000 public and 700,000 private swimming pools.

With the development of scientific knowledge, we have set the standards of quality and cleanliness.  Now a day, people not only focus on apparent cleanliness but try hard to make everything free of germs. This is why we have developed several methods to keep the pools clean. We want to maintain the purity, the pH level of water, and circulation all in one go.


If your pool water doesn’t circulate properly, it will allow algae to grow. The circulation of pool water depends on the pump, the skimmer, and the filter. The pump pulls the pool water through the skimmer, that further moves into the filter. Here, the filter cleans the dirt from the water and pushes it again into the pool. For better quality, you have to take care of your skimmer and baskets.

the pH level of water:

You should test your pool water weekly for pH level. Use a good test kit for this purpose and try to maintain the pH near 7.5. High or low pH level causes corrosion or causes algae to grow.


Cleaning is an enjoyable art for swimming pool users. There are a lot of things related to the pool’s cleanliness. It is enough to vacuum the pool once a week, but you can get better results if you brush the walls of the pool with a pool brush frequently, this will kill the staining. Also, skim the water surface to remove large debris as soon as possible.

The Equipment available for pool cleaning:

Necessity is the mother of invention, and scientific knowledge is the mother of all necessities now a day. As we acquire more information about health care and cleaning, we get more things to invent and use. Many pool care items facilitate us for better care of swimming pools.

Algae brush:

You have to remain highly alert from algae growth as it appears and spreads at an incredible speed. You should scrub off it as soon as possible when you become aware of its presence. Algae brush with stainless steel can easily remove algae from walls, stairs, or wherever it appears.

The telescoping pole:

A telescoping pole is not a cleaning instrument, yet it provides cleaning support. To reach the depth of water or the other side of the pool for cleaning, the pool pole is very useful. The best feature of it is the telescoping, you don’t have to move around the pool all time during cleaning. On the other hand, once you attach the vacuum, pool brush, or skimmer with the pole, you can adjust its length according to the width or depth of the pool.

The Multipurpose cleaner for pool surface:

This incredible cleaner is useful for all pool owners. It performs many cleaning tasks for your pool.

The filter cleaner:

The proper functioning of the pool’s filter is greatly responsible for the quality of water in the swimming pool. You keep on using the pool filter and gradually, as a result, the time comes when you need to clean your filter first and then filter the water through it. The pool filter cleaner removes the dirt layers gathered in the filter. It will definitely, increase the performance of your pool filter.

The pool vacuum cleaner:

This incredible invention is the most valuable item for swimming pool owners. Pool cleaners are available with diverse features and are on the way to hold maximum capabilities. Many companies provide vacuum cleaners for in-ground and above-ground pools. Before purchasing a pool vacuum cleaner, you have to ponder over many things, most importantly, the type of your pool, warranty claim by manufacturer, your pool type, and above all, your budget.

Chemicals for swimming pools sanitizing:

Pool sanitizing chemicals make the pool water safer for swimmers. Chlorine and bromine are the most common pool cleaning chemicals. They remove all contaminations from water and keep it crystal clear. However, they need to be handled with care. The extra amount of chemicals in water can harm the swimmer’s skin.

Above all products make our pools clear, clean, and easy to swim. Swimming pools are a source of health, fitness, and recreation. The most frequently you use them, the more you consume the pool care products.

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