The ultimate guide to the Pros and cons of swimming pool covers

Maintenance of a swimming pool means mastery over chemical balance and controlling water loss. Once you install the swimming pool, you constantly need the pool care products for the maintenance of the pool and to avoid a situation when a large amount is to spend on repair of damage. Here arises the need for reliable ad-ons, that can assist you in pool care. People use swimming pool cover for many reasons. One should be aware of all pros and cons of swimming pool covers, even their pros are much bigger in volume than cons.  You cannot fill your near pool environment with a lot of greenery to reduce evaporation or you are not available 24/7 to test the water and manage the necessary material. Water evaporates at a high temperature with less humidity. The temperature of water and temperature outside, both play their role.  A swimming pool cover smartly does many jobs for the pool. It reduces evaporation, maintains the water temperature, and helps to keep the chemical balance.

1.     Maintains the temperature:

Heating a pool takes large expenses. The pool blanket works as an insulator to keep the water warm. The temperature of the water can drop down at night. A pool cover can keep the water warm till the next day. It will sufficiently reduce the pool heating charges and conserve energy.

2.     Stops evaporation:

Evaporation takes during the year constantly but in summer, it speeds up. This can lower the pool water level at a faster rate. A pool cover blocks the intense heat of the sun from reaching the swimming pool. Swimming pool covers are also good at trapping the moisture that is a block against evaporation. In this way, a pool cover cuts down your expense and fatigue of adding water to the pool.

3.     Reduces expenses:

A swimming pool cover reduces your pool maintenance expenses in several ways. Here is a smart look at them.

  • It reduces your heating cost.
  • Further, it prevents the contaminations gather in water and cuts down chemical usage on their removal.
  • It reduces the cost of chemicals by blocking the heat.
  • It reduces the energy consumption of cleaning the pool.

4.     Stops debris:

Near pool environment looks stunning in presence of trees. During winter, leaves from over-grown branches can fall into the pool and gather over there. A pool cover stops leaves and many types of debris enter the pool. it works as a barrier between water and debris.

5.     Prevents chemical loss:

Swimming pool covers are in use for two reasons, in-season use and for closing the swimming pool for winterization purposes. A pool cover helps to reduce the loss of chlorine and other water chemicals during winter and swim season. This can effectively reduce your chemical usage and expenditure. Chlorine in swimming pool water degrades when exposed to UV rays from the sun. Pool covers save chlorine by cutting down the number of UV rays. You don’t need to add an extra dose of chlorine while having a good pool cover.

6.     Prevents the intruders:

During winter, you cannot frequently check your pool. If there are algae traces, then pool bugs can hit your pool to feed on it. This is an annoying situation but if you cover your pool, it will prevent all the intruders from reaching the water. It will keep the water free from insects during winter.

How do they work?

When the pros and cons of swimming pool covers are the topics of the discussion, the understanding of their working principles is mandatory. As everyone knows the plastic layer works as an insulator. The swimming pool cover is therefore a sheet of plastic, but quality matters as you cannot protect your pool with a cover that deteriorates rapidly with the rays of the sun. Besides all the other jobs they do for your pool, their biggest responsibility is to stop evaporation. Water evaporates at high temperatures, less humidity, and a high wind speed. Pool covers minimize the heat energy that strikes the pool in hot summer.

pros and cons of swimming pool covers

Most importantly, you need to focus on the heat-preventing functionality when you buy a pool cover. It depends on the type of pool cover that how efficiently it blocks the heat.

Some disadvantages of swimming pool covers:

Using a pool cover introduces the pool owner to the pros and cons of swimming pool covers as well.

Swimming pool covers offer a variety of jobs for you. They smartly minimize your expenses and hassles. But everyone has his concepts of benefits and losses. Swimming pool covers can burden you in several ways. If you can comfortably tackle them, then it is ok to have a cover for your pool.

  • Aesthetics: People, who focus on a good looking of their home and backyard, think that swimming pool covers don’t look eye-catching. They never look appealing and destroy the existing beauty of the environment.
  • Hassle: Using a pool cover increases the hassle. Certainly, in the swim season, you need to remove the cover before diving into the pool and put the cover after swimming. This hassle destroys the spontaneity of healthy activities.
  • Space for the pool cover: You will need extra space for your pool cover to keep it safe. Sometimes, you have limited space around the pool and the roller for a pool cover is a hurdle for you.
  • Maintenance: Swimming pool covers stop debris from entering the water, and the leaves with other debris gather on the cover. You need to remove the dirt and debris frequently. Also, covers that don’t allow rainwater to get into the pool, need pumping to stay clean.
  • Design and shape of the pool: Some swimming pools have more edges and rounded corners. They are difficult to cover completely. This makes installing a pool cover difficult.


After knowing all pros and cons of swimming pool covers, you can intelligently understand and decide your pool upkeep requirements. Consequently, It sometimes seems difficult to spend money on such products, but it is better to have a cover that remains stand-by at the time of your need.

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